Welcome to Sound Cycle

Sound Cycle is the Scottish Borders Youth Music Forum, and is an initiative managed by YouthBorders.

Sound Cycle works in collaboration with a range of partners including Live Borders, Scottish Borders Council, and local arts venues and musicians.  In 2019/20 Sound Cycle is funded by YouthBorders and CashBack for Creativity.

Our aim is to invigorate the youth music scene throughout the Borders and provide more opportunities for anyone with an interest in music, in any form, continuing with our work to help young people enjoy  music, and encourage and mentor  those who choose music as a career path.

We  share our resources, run workshops, organise training and lessons, sessions, share gear, record and promote gigs and concerts. For those serious about pursuing a career in music we collaborate with our partners to  provide advice and opportunities to visit music training,promotion and music  technology courses.

We are currently planning the recording of our third album project, Sound Cycle 3- Warp- New Music From The Borders.

If you are interested in contributing, or  learning about the recording process, and would like to be involved, please get in touch with James@youthborders.org.uk

Have a listen to some great performance from  our previous two albums here:

Sound Cycle One -Weave-  New Music from the Borders

Sound Cycle Two – Warp- New music from The Borders

We acknowledge the benefits musical participation can offer towards wellbeing and wellness and work alongside our partner organisations to enable more musical participation throughout the Borders community. We will be running a series of workshops and concerts too, as well as sharing news of gigs and musical opportunities of all kinds. If you have any amount of interest, be it in singing, playing, filming, teaching, recording, sound engineering, DJing, stage management,  sound mixing,  sleeve design or anything else musical, please get involved, sign up at the form above and you’ll receive our monthly newsletters and we’ll keep you in touch with what’s going on around  the Borders music scene.

Please contact Sound Cycle and Forum Co-ordinator

James Mackintosh,