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Welcome to Sound Cycle, the new Youth Borders Youth Music Forum.

Our aims are to reinvigorate the youth music scene throughout the Borders and provide more opportunities for anyone with an interest in music, in any form.

We’ll be sharing our resources, running workshops, organising training and lessons, organising sessions, sharing gear, recording tracks and putting on gigs and concerts. For those serious about pursuing a career in music we aim to collaborate with our partners and provide opportunities to visit music and music technology courses and other exciting events throughout Scotland.

If you have any amount of interest, be it in singing, playing, filming, teaching, recording, sound engineering, DJing, stage management, backline, sound mixing,  sleeve design or anything else musical, please get involved and sign up, and we’ll keep you posted of our planned events. Please get in touch if you have any news, pictures, demo’s, videos etc for inclusion on the site.

If your interested in becoming an administrator get in touch with

We’ll have further news of events and projects soon, as we are planning sound engineering workshops and an exciting Sound Cycle album project towards the end of the year, as well as band showcases in venues across the Scottish Borders throughout the year.

We are also looking for members to represent each part of the Borders on the Sound Cycle board. We will cover all musical styles , so if you have an interest in electronica, folk, rock, jazz, classical, pop brass band, pipe band or any other genre, we want to hear from you.

Please contact Sound Cycle and Forum Co-ordinator

James Mackintosh,