Friday 4th October


West Linton Village Centre

Raemartin Square, West Linton, EH46 7ED.

Jess Morgan

Jess Morgan from England and Nels Andrews from the US have joined forces because they both – for the first time – have illustrated books to accompany the new music they want to bring to audiences in 2019. Jess and Nels wanted to showcase something on tour which would satisfy the most avid record sleeve-readers, comic book-worms, or just about anyone feeling lost in the digital age. Their co-headlined show promises an atmospheric concoction of songwriting, spoken word and fun visuals. They will tour in England and Scotland, through September and October.

Nels Andrews

Jess‘ illustrated book of lyrics and short stories springs from the psyche of a touring artist, who finds romance in pylons, transport systems, and concrete. She writes gutsy modern folk songs telling stories full of sadness and bite. Trash Magazine called it “The sort of thing you put on your headphones when walking alone and wanting to feel like you’re in your own gritty British love story.” Last year Jess performed live on Radio 2, and opened for A-ha! in Norway and at London’s O2 Arena. Her 2019 release is called ‘Everything I did last year.’

Nels Andrews is a journeyman in the craft of melody who is here to tell you a story. He is based in Santa Cruz, California but has toured successfully in the UK turning heads with his storytelling lyrics. Nels’ new record Pigeon & the Crow is new for 2019 and comes with a beautiful graphic novella in which Nels’ supernatural ballads sprawl the pages with colourful illustrations by artist Mike Benzce. “Nels is a master carver, an artist patient and obsessed enough to turn a whale of an idea into something delicate and beautiful from any angle.” – Anais Mitchell.

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