Do you want to attend Tinto Summer School 2019?

We are not open for entrants yet but the dates are 1-6th July 2019. We will again be at Wiston Lodge. Keep checking the website for info or alternatively join Hands Up for Trad’s newsletter at

Tinto Summer Schools

Tinto Summer School is a much-loved series of residential schools in traditional music for high school age (12-18) participants. The schools take place at Wiston Lodge, a beautiful Victorian former hunting lodge in the peaceful rural heart of South Lanarkshire during one of the first weeks of the Scottish summer holiday. Students work with top traditional musicians from all over the country. In addition to the teaching they have a number of activities for evenings and breaks including a campfire, BBQ, a fancy dress ceilidh and a tutor concert as well as outdoor games.

The week ends with a fabulous concert for all showcasing the work students have done. Tinto has been inspiring musicians of all abilities since the year 2000. Come and join the party!

2019 dates: 1 – 6th July, Wiston Lodge, Wiston, South Lanarkshire. (Booking not open yet)


I had my first fiddle lesson yesterday. Can I still come to Tinto?
All abilities are welcome but it’s generally better that you have a basic familiarity with your instrument.

My main instrument is the crumhorn. Can I play it at Tinto?
The focus of Tinto is Scottish/Trad music so fiddles, guitars, whistles, clarsach, piano and song tend to be the classes offered but we also offer mixed instrument classes. We’ve had all sorts of instruments in the past!

I only eat baked beans. Will I starve?
No. The kitchen staff at Wiston Lodge pride themselves on meeting any dietary requirement whatsoever. Just let us know when you register what your requirements are and we’ll pass that on to the kitchen. The food at Tinto is often one of the major highlights for our students. If your diet does genuinely only consists of baked beans however, you may have to sleep in the car park.

Can my 2 year old toddler come to Tinto?
We accept students who are about to enter or have just left high school in Scotland. As a guide for other countries these ages are 11-18.

Do I have to share a room?
The rooms at Wiston Lodge sleep 2-8 people. Rooms are allocated according to age and gender identity.

Where is Wiston Lodge?

What are the dates of Tinto Summer School?
1st-6th July 2019 from 12.00pm on the 2nd until 9.30am on the 7th.

Should I bring my teddy bear to Tinto?
You should bring all you need to survive for 5 days and nights without access to clothes-washing facilities. You will need your instrument (we do not supply any instruments including keyboards) and a towel. You don’t need to bring snacks and we have a well-stocked and reasonably priced tuck shop.
Please note that it is your responsibility to look after everything you bring.

Are there showers at Wiston Lodge?
Yes. We prefer all students to have a fragrant experience

What does it cost and how can I register?
Registration for 2019 starts on the 2nd February 2019 at 11.00pm via our Eventbright page. Paul will be on-line to sort any problems but bear in mind that he regards politeness the most important virtue of all.

Am I eligible for a concession?
Please contact us to ask this in confidence. We handle concessions on a case-by-case basis.