Sound Cycle small 42New album – Sound Cycle Two – Warp – New Music From The Borders

 featuring fantastic performances from an amazingly talented array of young borders musicians. intimate singer – songwriting – uplifting pop – ground – breaking electronica – phenomenal instrumentals and powerful Indie rock.Check out this fantastic new collection of music, created by young musicians from across the Borders.

Here are the brilliant musicians who have contributed to the album..


Evie is 14 year old singer – songwriter who’s writing is inspired by some her experiences as a young teenager growing up in the Borders . She has taken some difficult themes and experiences  and turned them into two brilliant and positive songs.

Check them out here


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Samuel is a brilliant young composer who wrote arranged and performed all of the instruments on his track “Warp“, which was inspired by the title of our album. Sam is a Borders Young Creative and is a keen advocate of  making  music accessible to all, as well as being hugely enthusiastic about the benefits  of both playing and performing . Sam runs a youth music group and encourages musical participation whenever he can.

Listen to warp


Sound Cycle , Logo, Borders Youth Music ForumERIN HIGHTON

Erin Highton is a young singer songwriter who we are delighted to have back in the studio after her contribution to Sound Cycle One – Weave – Erin has captured  two of her typically honest and emotional performances on Sound Cycle Two – Warp –

Listen to Erin Here 



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Fergus McQueenie , aka Eggshell Goblin, aka EgGo, is a prolific and innovative electronic composer, who is building an ever growing following for his extraordinary soundscapes and  unique grooves.

Listen to  Eggshell here

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Originating from Peebles & Bathgate in the summer of 2017, Cameron Boak (rhythm guitar/vocals), Lewis Mackenzie (lead guitar), James Muir (bass) and Euan Russell (drums), formed the Alternative Rock band Metropolis. The oldest member only being 16, they channel their main influence of 90s rock to create a fresh and uplifting sound, which they continue to develop.Metropolis brought three great new sets to our sessions and put them down in an afternoon.

Listen To Metropolis Here


Sound Cycle , Logo, Borders Youth Music ForumERYN RAE AND SCOTT TURNBULL

Eryn Rae and Scott Turnbull are a fiddle and guitar duo from the Scottish Borders that specialise in music from in and around the Borders and Northumberland, producing a traditional but distinct sound. They demonstrate a level of musical rapport and musicianship that  many older musicians would strive for, and in the few years they have been playing together, they have supported many established musicians and bands.

Listen to Eryn and Scott Here



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 Xenia Garden is a singer , harp player and trainee actor from the Borders. who ingeniously transposes some of her favourite songs for harp accompaniment.
Sound Cycle heard her perform this beautiful version of “A Man Like You” by Patrick Watson at one of our live events, and were delighted when she chose to record it with us.

Listen to Xenia Here
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 If you are a young musician, up to 25 years old, and would like to be involved in future sessions, either recording or helping out in the studio to learn about the recording process, please get in touch with

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